Group Fitness

The stretching class will start with a thorough warm-up including whole body movement preparation and dynamic stretching. Participants will be instructed through a full body warm-up preparing all major muscle groups for activity and the use of full range of motion of their muscles and joints.

LFP 12
The strength class will consist of resistance exercises for the whole body and is instructed in a group fitness structure. The workout will focus on muscle building and muscular endurance.


LFP 14Balance, Mobility, and Stability
This class is designed to improve posture, body awareness and coordination of movement patterns. We will utilize a variety of accessories to challenge participants and to keep things interesting.



Water Aerobics                                                                                                                   Water aerobics focuses on a whole body workout with the focus on cardiovascular health. These water workouts will challenge your cardiovascular capacity without placing major strain on joints. Large movements in the water with water weights as resistance will increase your heart rate for an overall great workout without the fear of injury.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a class where you can get your heart rate going with the beat of the music and the challenge of the step. A step board is used with a mixture of simple dance routines. Consistent movement and and the use of body weight resistance with the steps taken results in a great workout.


This class focuses on strengthening of the core. Standing and floor exercises with a focus on abdominal strength. The occasional use of weights to increase resistance. The goal of this class is to increase overall core strength which will ultimately improve abilities in balance.


This class focuses on breathing,  balance, flexibility, and body strength through the use of yoga movements. Standing and floor movements will be used to target various muscle groups. This class is often relaxing and a great way to cool off due to its slow movements.


Zumba is a great dance workout. Basic dance movements that engage core, arm, and leg muscles for a full body workout. It is a great workout that does not feel like a workout. Music ranges from Latin beats to current English music.