Welcome to the Lifetime Fitness Program!

Thank you for your interest in our program. We are a community based fitness program for older adults (55+), Lifetime Fitness Program (LFP) that is managed by the Department of Kinesiology. During the university semester we use Campus Rec Center East (CRCE) and during the summer we move to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC).  LFP provides group fitness classes M-F (7am-8:30am) during the university semester and M/W/F (7am-8am) during the summer hours. The fitness classes are designed in a specialized manner for older adults. Classes are instructed by graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at the university. Additionally, you may utilize the amenities of the gym facility on your own throughout the year M-F open-12:30pm.

Mission and Purpose:

The program’s primary emphasis is to provide opportunities for:

  • structured group or individualized fitness activities;
  • cognitive understanding of the principles and techniques of fitness activities;
  • a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere;
  • a pool of research subjects for study of selected aspects of physical activity and health for adults;
  • an avenue for continued adherence to a physically active lifestyle after completion of exercise intervention studies within the Department of Kinesiology.

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