For the entire duration of summer, we will move over to the ARC starting Monday, May 15th- Wednesday, August 2. We are moving to the ARC because CRCE is closed for summer session I and has limited hours summer session II.
Organized LFP hours will only begin during summer session II (June 12-August 2) and will only be 3 days/week (M,W,F 7a-9a).
During the summer you may use all of the ARC facilities but again during summer session I NO official LFP classes will be taught. The hours will be exactly the same as they currently are (M-F 6:30a-12:30p).

For the members that use the pool, we will not have any specific LFP hours for the pool this summer. But you still may use the ARC pool please just check their website for specific pool hours.

For those Silver Sneaker members we will move the sign in tablet over to the ARC as well as the paper sign in sheet. Please remember to sign in via one of the two ways before enter the ARC.


For parking during the summer there is only going to be metered parking. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Welcome to the Lifetime Fitness Program!

The Lifetime Fitness Program (LFP) is pleased to partner with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) and extends discounts to OLLI members. LFP is sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


We are now teamed up with the Silver Sneakers program! If you are currently a Silver Sneakers member, you now will have basic access to the CRCE facility during the normal LFP program hours at no cost.

Mission and Purpose:

The program’s primary emphasis is to provide opportunities for:

  • structured group or individualized fitness activities;
  • cognitive understanding of the principles and techniques of fitness activities;
  • a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere;
  • a pool of research subjects for study of selected aspects of physical activity and health for adults;
  • an avenue for continued adherence to a physically active lifestyle after completion of exercise intervention studies within the Department of Kinesiology.



Update from Kersten:

She has been enjoying her time in Australia. She had her pre-season tournament recently and everything is good both on the court and off. She has been able to explore a little since she has gotten there and is adjusting to the hot weather. She is having a lot of fun and enjoying her stay by living close to the beach! Its been a great time.

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